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     Imitation silver leaf
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     Variegated leaf
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     Ribbon leaf (metal leaf in roll)
     Transfer Imitation Leaf
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     In booklet
     In roll (NEW)
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     Packing/Weight List

  Supplier of Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Imitation Gold Leaf, Imitation Silver Leaf...

   We are major manufacturer and exporter of metal leaf in China. We have imported advanced Italian equipments and technologies to produce imitation gold leaf, imitation   silver leaf, pure copper leaf, variegated leaf, genuine gold leaf and genuine silver leaf in  choice quality.

     Our products can be extensively used for furniture, picture frame,pottery,porcelain, glass, sign, indoor and outdoor decoration, etc.

   Now our factory has about 400 workers and our production capacity is more than 25 million leaves per month. Most of our products are exported to different markets all  over the world.    Due to our reasonable prices and good quality, our products have       achieved great popularity in Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other markets.


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